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Win NARS Cosmetics!
by Alex LaMarsh (alexandrial)
at February 1st, 2007 (12:42 pm)

Here is the info for the February contest at AMA!


First and formost we would like to thank our February Sponsor!

An iconoclastic philosophy, Nars believes there are no rules when it comes to beauty; whatever makes you look and feel good is right. We could not agree more!

The theme for February is Best Black & White Photography Makeup. Think Hurrell glamour shots, raw character photos, or artsy dramatic, just be creative! Submit your skills and original ideas in either a nice tight headshot or shoulders and head. Remember no nudity please. Be sure to read the rules for the dimension guidelines. As always this theme is yours to run with, interpret it how you want. Most importantly, have fun!


- Post your entry as a reply to the February Contest thread HERE . Any entries not listed in this thread will be deleted and not qualify.
- Post one photo only. It must not exceed 250kb (if you want to post the before and after once the contest is over feel free, but keep your entry to one photo).
- Post photos no smaller then 300 pixels (4 inches).
- Post only shots that really show the face and hair. Full body shots are nice but tend not to win. You are being judged on the make-up so make sure we can see it well.
- Post the credits to the photographer and model.
- The hair/makeup work must be your own.
- The contest thread is for entries only; any comments about the entries will be deleted.
- Advertising your contest entry is allowed to a certain extent. You may post in your blog, post 2 bulletins or email a few friends. Keep it minimal and tasteful. Do not ask friends to repost, don't go to other groups and ask them to vote for you, etc. You are being judged on the merit of your entry not by how many votes you can drum up.
- The voting starts on February 24th.
- Voting ends February 27th
- The winner will be announced February 28th.
- The next contest will begin March 1st.
- The winner will get their image, info about the entry and link to their profile/website posted in the news section of the site as well as a prize from the sponsor.

So get out there, drum up some talk about the contest and get your entry submitted! You can also place a banner to the site on your page linking to the contest so you can get your entry seen! Feel free to email me if you have any questions on how to do that.


Posted by: christina (erotica_)
Posted at: February 2nd, 2007 04:06 am (UTC)

sooo tempting because i've missed out on a few contests. hopefully i will have some time in the next few weeks. :\

can i use myself as a model?
airbrush aloud?
ANY makeup context? bloodygore/highfashion???

im excited :D

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